Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Excessive Fee Case: Mass Mutual is on the Defense.

This is a great case, thanks to FRA Plan Tools for the link below describing the circumstances of the suit.

The complaint from the plaintiffs allege a variety of improper or missing fiduciary process' costing the plan and its participants millions of dollars over the years.

I echo the conclusions drawn by FRA re posted below. 

So what does this mean for plans that use MassMutual as a provider or advisors who recommend MassMutual services and products? It means that you should use this as an opportunity to review your plan’s relationship with MassMutual. This is only a complaint and no one can predict with any certainty how it will turn out. But that being said, if any of the specific allegations found in the complaint could apply to your plan, you have now been put on notice to investigate. This can include asking for more information, re-reviewing your 408(b)(2) disclosures and agreements, or benchmarking your plan’s fees. These tasks should obviously focus on analyzing any investments in your plan and ensuring that any fees paid are reasonable and necessary.

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